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Applebee Movers, Interstate and local shall include its employees on all levels of relocation of your goods. The ‘customer’ means the person authorizing the performance of the work by Applebee Movers and any person on who behalf that authority is given. Applebee Movers is entitled to refuse to carry or store any particular type of goods at its discretion. Applebee Movers shall not be bound to deliver any goods except to the customer or a person authorized in writing by the customer to receive such goods.

The customer warrants the accuracy of any information given to Applebee Movers. Due to the nature of its work, Applebee Movers may send additional personnel on site thus exceeding the manpower quoted and a reasonable extra charge may be made. If a firm date is agreed upon for the performance by Applebee Movers of any service hereunder and the customer requires such date to be altered or the goods are not available on such date, then Applebee Movers shall be entitled to make a reasonable additional charge for any loss or additional expense occasioned thereby.

The customer shall insure that he/she or some person on his/her behalf is present during the loading and unloading of the goods. The customer shall not be entitled to require storage of any article or substance which is or may become a dangerous, corrosive, combustible, explosive or noxious nature. The customer shall identify Applebee Movers against any loss or damage which may be suffered of such article or substance that is stored for the customer and against any claim made against Applebee Movers by any other person arising there from. In the event of discovery by Applebee Movers of any such article of substance after goods have been received by it, then  Applebee Movers may take action in relation ‘there’ to including remove, dispose of or treat the same at any expense of the customer and without in any way becoming liable to the customer.

The customer shall give Applebee Movers not less than five (5) working days’ notice “confirmed in writing” of requirement to remove goods from storage. Applebee Movers shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from improper or inadequate packing by customer. Applebee Movers shall not be liable for damage to goods having existing repairs, fractures or other damage “ including exposure to the weather by rotting and extreme age” which contribute to structural weakness or for goods which are inherently weak.

All backloads short haul moves are generally delivered within one (1) to three (3) business days, with backload long haul moves generally delivered within three (3) to five (5) business days. The amount of cubic metres has been determined by the inventory supplied by yourself, if the amount of cubic metres booked is exceeded thus will include additional charges, therefore it is very important that the lists are accurate, at least seven (7) days prior to your move. All deposits made to Applebee Movers are non-refundable with less than seventy two (72) hours’ notice of cancellation. The moving coordinator will provide you with a four (4) hour window the day prior to your scheduled move and on the day of the move you will receive a one (1) hour on approach call from the driver. Applebee Movers usually takes between one (1) to three (3) business days and depending on the day of the week your furniture is collected. All our moves are calculated on this basis and we do ask you to be flexible with the pickups and delivery times.

OPTIONAL – Full breakage and handling insurance is a separate policy taken out by you, the owner directly with the insurance company. This insurance will cover your goods at a value determined between you and the insurance company. Applebee Movers recommends all goods should have breakage and handling insurance prior to relocation.
Customer - it is very important that the list you have supplied to Applebee Movers, this includes all items that require moving, otherwise a reasonable extra charge may thus be made.   

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